"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience." Gordon B. Hinckley, 2006

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just me and Will

I love these pictures of Wilber. They're taken at Bear Lake last week.
Poor little Wilber has not been feeling very well. He's had a fever off and on all week. Does it make me a bad mom that I love it when he's sick?
I do--he's so cuddly and sweet when he's sick. He just wants to sit on my lap and cuddle with me all day. And he loves to lay in bed with me and have me scratch his back. It gives me the perfect excuse to lay around and not do anything as well.
"Sorry the house is so messy, Brian. I've been taking care of Will all day. He needed me. Oh and would you mind making some dinner. Will needs me to lay in bed with him still."
I'm needed here.
Seriously though, I love it when my kids need me. It makes me feel good when I'm the one they want. There's something that I can give them that they can't get from their friends, or TV, or the candy stash hidden in the pantry.
Just me.
I love it.
He seems to be doing better today, so I might actually have to put the dishes away tomorrow.


Super Angie said...

okay, this is amazing that I'm the first to post! Your blog is so popular!

Anyway, you are so cute in your description of your time with Will. What a cutie he is.

crystal said...

Okay, you have GOT to put that 2nd photo in a frame. It's precious!

Cecilia said...

That's so true... I too feel good when they want me! They love it when I scratch their backs!

Those pictures are just precious!!!

Emily said...

I'm so glad that I'm not alone! I love when my kids are sick because they are calm and that rarely happens, unless they are asleep. They will sit and I can read books to them and they tend to actually be a little nicer when their sick.

Emily said...
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Laura said...

He is so darn cute!! Is his name William or Wilbur? My little William LOVES Wilbur the pig so we call him Wilbur too! Too funny!

Marcie said...

Fever is good sick. Throwing up....bad sick.

He is darling. I love how he's just hanging out in the lake enjoying the scenery.

Dancin Queen said...

Laura--he's acually named Brian Willard. Everyone just calls him Wilbur because it seems to suit him!

Lauren in GA said...

I love the little pictures of him. So, cute!

I know what you mean...I love it when my kids need me.

Andrea said...

It is nice when they just need mom. And the dishes can wait....they'll always be there as we all know....;)

Robyn said...

You are such the awesome blogger!!! What a fun picture! How is my Wendi doing?? I miss her so much!!! Have lunch with me when I am in Utah, K???

dusty kay said...

I LOVE that last picture!

Kristen said...

Whether well or sick, I treasure those special moments with only one child. There is nothing more heartwarming than a snuggly child.

Hope he feels better soon.

Love the pictures!

Michelle A. said...

You are so right Wendi! I love that my girls still want to snuggle, although I wish it was more! Cute photos!

Laurie said...

What a cutie!

Now that my older 2 are getting older I had to start a new rule in our home. If you talk back or are sassy to Mom, you get to put that mouth to good use and give mom 10 kisses!

I love it! Shoot. I'll get my affection in from them any way I can. {{wink}}

oda41143 Missy said...

Hey Wendi, Hop over to my blog and check out my living room decor that you inspired!! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!! I love it too! I know it was fun to see you at lunch we should have all went together!!:)) I felt bad I didn't get to talk to you very much but we'll have to all go out soon! Missed seeing you in RS sunday! I finally was able to go and it was SOOOOO nice!!! Miss the nursery snacks though...I think we need those in RS!:))

raising4boys said...

Such a cute boy!! My baby has been so snuggly and I will hate to see the day when he no longer likes to cuddle.

Wendi said...

Such a cute post Wendi!
I completely understand.
For that reason..and that reason alone...I do enjoy my kids not feeling well.

SuperCoolMom said...

Love it when those "big" boys will let you cuddle them!

♥Shally said...

Oh... I love it when my kids get cuddly... too bad they have to be sick sometimes to really want to anymore!!!

That last picture is awesome.

Claudissima said...

cute photos...I am a wuss when it comes to sick children, I often panic and wish for my husband to come home and help. He is sooo good with this...I just don't know what to do and get nervous...can't believe it, my dad is a doctor if anyone would be more on top of things should be moi!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

great pictures! He's a cutie. It's nice to be needed!

Amy said...

Bless his little heart! I hope that he is feeling better. I love your little tribute and it's so true that isn't it the best when all they want is just us. Only mom will do huh? Very cute.