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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food Storage Friday (on Tuesday)

Week two of Food Storage Friday!

I knew I'd be gone on Friday on a little va-cay with a buddy, so we did our FSF earlier in the week.

We decided to devote our day to the research of food grinders. Neither of us have one, but both agree we need one. We both are going through a bread-making kick, thanks to this class, and I find myself making bread several times a week.

Yes, my friends, I have been using this hunk of junk. Sorry if this is your mixmaster of choice, but I have found it to be less than ideal for making bread. The motor burns and smokes everytime I make bread. So I use it even more often, hoping it will break altogether. (**evil laugh**--"Sorry Brian, I had to go buy a new one, this one just broke on me while I was slaving away making you fresh bread...")

So now I'm researching mixers. Do I buy the ever popular Kitchenaid, that comes in the cute red color?

Or do I go with my mother's tried and true: the bosch???

I will be needing something soon (I hope), because my current mixmaster is going to die on me any day now (I hope).

So food storage friday included a field trip this time! A field trip, my friends! It was a very exciting field trip to the Bosch store. They were having a class at the time, and it was really busy, so we weren't really able to ask all our mixer and wheat grinder questions.

We did have plenty of time to argue whether or not Crystal is gorgeous. She is. This discussion is getting old. Enough of the "I'm fat and ugly" comments, Crystal! You are a beauty queen, and you have the best hair, and no more discussions about this on FSF.

Now, wheat grinders. Why the heck are they so expensive. Ugh. I don't want to spend that much money on a wheat grinder. Do I need to get an electric one and a manual one? Who has these? What kind should I get? Does anyone have any experience with the wheat grinder attachment that goes with the Bosch?

It really doesn't make sense to me to purchase a hand held grinder. Sure I could use it if the power was out, but my oven wouldn't work either, so I don't think the first thing I would do in an emergency would be to grind wheat and make bread with some alternative cooking source. I have plenty other sources of food storage.

  • Anyone out there have a Bosch or a Kitchenaid? Do you like/love it?
  • What kind of wheat grinder should I get, and where is a good place to purchase one?
  • Don't you think Crystal is a pretty girl?

Hopefully I will find time to post about my fun weekend tomorrow!


Lisa Cannon said...

I have a Bosch and a Kitchen Aid. I use them both for different things. I only use my bosch for making bread or the osterizer attachment. The Kitchen Aid is good for dough, but not for super large quantities, like 4 loaves. I have a Nutri Mill grinder. I love it. I grind a whole can of wheat and FREEZE the leftover. It needs to be in the freezer or it will go bad. So, I keep some on hand in the freezer to make pancakes and waffles. I want to get a hand grinder, to use when the power is out. I guess we can eat the flour if our ovens don't work :( I was at this food storage store off of 94th by Bouncin off the Walls and they had Solar Ovens there, for about $250. I'm not that extreme. We'll just eat the flour!

Dancin Queen said...

Lisa--what's an osterizer attachment?

davies-jennie said...

I have the wispermill. It is so quiet and fast. I do wheat and corn. I really like it. Jennie

davies-jennie said...

Oh, I do have a manual one for emergency only. I have ground flour in it and it is just not as good...but I have it for if the power is out. I really love my mill it makes the flour so fine and soft. Good luck with your choice.

crystal said...

My friend Laurie found instructions on a food storage blog (safelygatheredin, I think) on how to do your OWN box solar oven. The total would be something like 1.50. Forget about that $250 piece of hud.

I've decided that the hand grinder is a good investment, if you are going to store primarily wheat. You could make flatbread from the bread recipe we have from our class, & it would turn out like a big, yummy, puffy tortilla. You wouldn't need to bake it, you'd cook it on your alternative heat source--like your gas grill or camp stove or whatever.

Also, you could make grilled pizza.

Or scones. Heat oil on your camp stove and fry bread dough...wa-la! Navajo tacos! My fam could live on navajo tacos.

crystal said...

Dear Wendi,

Whoever this Crystal girl is, she is passably normal looking. But she needs to lose her pregnancy weight. Please tell her to get her butt movin'.

Anonymous Friend

crystal said...

Darn! I forgot to sign out! I guess if one wishes to write anonymous comments, one should not have one's profile pic plastered all over said comment.

oda41143 Missy said...

I don't even have a food processer. Enough said.....However, I totally agree with you on Crystal being BEAUTIFUL!!! She really must stop talking so negative about herself!! Stop it Crystal!!!

dusty kay said...

I love my Kitchenaid, I don't have the biggest size, just the regular one. And I have a bread recipe that uses 14 cups of flour and it just can't handle that. So I always have to cut the recipe in half and make it twice. My vote is for the Kitchenaid in the red, just in the bigger size....Funny, I've been in a bread making kick too, everything from rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls, I love the way it makes your home smell so yummy....

Have fun with Desiree this weekend!

lvs2dance said...

I have a bosch and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I would like to get a kitchen aide also, but that is mostly because it comes in fun colors (I know, not a very practical reason! LOL) Good for you guys wih getting in gear with the food storage, I need to get on that boat. Right now I have cereal and choclate chips in my food storage...hmmm, that wouldn't really sustain us!
As for Crystal, I am on Wendi's side here...you are such a BEAUTY, both inside AND out! And to the annonynous commentor, if you ever say something mean about me friend Crystal I will come over there and KICK YOUR BUTT (I know where you live...mawahaaaa-evil laugh)

patsy said...

I'm over here, from Crystal- the hot babe's blog...

We spent all of last year getting our 1 year supply- the church's list. My husband had a really strong feeling- about this time last year- I cannot tell you the peace that comes from just having all the basics. Now we are adding to that.

I bought a blend tech blender to grind my wheat- seriously love it!
Our ward has a "squirrel it away" list to gather up food storage week by week- send me your email address & I will send it to you.

GREAT JOB by the way!! menus & everything!!!!!

what an inspiration you 2 are :)

Stevens girl said...

I know you already know this, but I have a bosch and I LOVE it! It's perfect for bread recipe's. I also have a great recipe that I use in it for cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, orange rolls, etc. that a Kitchen Aid could never handle. Although, I do think Kitchen aids sure are cute.

I use a whisper mill and absolutely love it. It's not silent, but it's a lot quieter than a lot of them are. I've even run it when kids are taking naps and it didn't wake them up.

Crystal is pretty! Silly lady thinking she isn't.

Oh, you can get the bosch and the wheat grinders at Kitchen Kneads. Last year on black friday they were selling the bosch at a fantastic price. You should come up! Then you can see baby again too.

jen said...

I was just checking your blog and laugh because I have both a bosch (I inherited my mom's) and a kitchenaid. I love them both and use them both. My neighbor came and taught me how to make bread in my bosch. A couple of weeks later she went to my friends and compared the bosch's bread recipe in both the kitchenaid and bosch and loved both results. I bought a wheat grinder and love it too. I also have the nutrimill grain mill and love that too. Just get both a kitchenaid and a bosch. I keep my kitchenaid on my counter because it s soo cute so probably use that the most.!

Amy said...

I have a kitchen aid and I love it! However, I'm lazy and use a bread maker for homemade bread.

I have 2 hand me down wheat grinders that are so well used that I couldn't even tell you the name brand because it has worn off! One is electric and one is a crank.

Crystal, you're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank heavens you both are doing the leg work on this one. Can't wait to see what you find out.

Marilyn said...

Hi-I just stumbled upon your blog and it's great.
1. Crystal is gorgeous.
2. Get a Bosch-it has a heavy duty motor that will last for years and can handle large amounts of dough. You can buy attachments that will allow you to whip cream, eggs and make cookies. (mine also has a blender that can make wonderful whole wheat blender pancakes/waffles-with the whole wheat grains)
3. I have a Whispermill. I don't want to work that hard to hand grind 10-15 cups of flour to make bread.

Cara said...

Get the Bosch. It will do you right in the end. The kitchen aid will smoke and sputter making bread as well. (I know mine does it) There was a great deal on the BIG kitchen aid at wal-mart on black Friday $135 I have NEVER seen it that cheap. Maybe we can find a deal like that on a Bosch. I say go with the Bosch- the end!